Thursday, July 20, 2017

Start buying for Christmas

I get to review stuff, and OMG get this Batman truck for a 6 year old.  My experience is mostly boys, and they like to shoot stuff.  My daughter always liked crafts.

Here's my video.

And here's the link.

I'm not letting my son look at this.  It goes to the grand nephews.

The Summer of 77

(Inspired by just driving home from the cottage through 3 inches of rain)

The summer of 77, I had just graduated as an engineer in UoT Engineering Science.  I had my horrible summer in Calgary when the entire oil industry had collapsed around my head.  Because of this, I had signed up for a Masters in Rock Mechanics.  My Engsci speciality was geophysics, so I was going to slay everybody with my skills.

The good thing about the horrible summer was that I had unemployment insurance, and because of my degree they weren't going to make me take ugly jobs.  I had a free ticket and I was lounging in the back yard all the time.  My neighbour couldn't stand it, and convinced me to take a nice job as a construction inspector on the old air force base.

It rained every day that summer, and one job was to supervise the grass mowing around the air field.  It was a giant swamp and the grass was 3 feet tall.  All the air force types were yelling at me that it was against regulations because of a fire hazard.  That grass wouldn't light with napalm!  Anyway, I had to keep after the contractors who kept losing equipment into the bottomless bog.  Finally, I gave the job to a nasty forces guy who had just come back from something horrible.

This summer is now like that.  We have the full 70's conditions.  Wait until the winter!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Kansas slays its earthquakes.

There was quite a nice series of earthquakes in northern Kansas.  It was progressing like Azle, and going down in a SE direction.  All of a sudden it stopped, dead.  Not a single teeny quake.  Not one question asked by anyone.  But it is sad.  Kansas is now part of the great conspiracy.  It's that suddenly replacing deep water with fresh water frack waste caused the series of earthquakes.  Not injecting that stuff any more, resulted in a sudden stop.

Nobody in Kansas can discover the truth.  Their news media is dead.  I am hoping that when OK finally does its thing, then people will speak.  In OK right now, we are still at the intense rate of 2 m4's a day.  The last one was a shallow thrust with intensity 5.  We need an m6 shallow thrust to give an idea of what these things can do.

Kansas could be a great place to inject frack waste, if only they would pay me money.  :)  But, they tried and failed.