Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Linux - Ryzen5 with gpu many times faster than my old junk

The speed improvement is tremendous.  Handbrake gets all 8 processors going full speed, and cuts the time to process by hours.

You have to install the amd firmware, or the screen doesn't work.

I used an msi motherboard and it all worked.  I thought I was being smart and just switching the boot disk, but it goes nuts.  I had to reinstall Debian.

ps.  amd iommu gives trouble, and I did this link.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Putting up a greenhouse for the coming ice age

So, we can never grow tomatoes in Canada unless we have a greenhouse.  I'm using an old Quebec garage from Costco, and putting 6 mil plastic from ammie on top.

Then it is raised on the main poles and I hope it can withstand the winds.  The heavier stuff is twice as expensive.  Everybody needs a greenhouse for the next 20 years, or 300 years, whatever.

ps.  so miserable to handle with plastic with just a puff of wind.  Now I'm stitching on the roof with grommets and cable ties.

All done with the standard white sides and I put in the tomatoes in their containers.  So dang hot in their, I'm leaving the front with loose clear plastic.

The Frack Waste Injection at Arnold, Nebraska


Really, people.  The usgs is going on about that this cluster is 'natural' and organic.  'These things happen'.  And old Mr. Google shows what is going on.

This is a classic waste injection layout.  The trucks drive into the shed and dump the waste.  They are all exactly like this. 

This shows a truck in the station.

Anyhow, it should stop soon, when they stop handling gas frack waste at twice the normal rate.  As usual, it will all be denied.  "Wasn't me."