Monday, January 23, 2017

Let's talk about depression

In Canada, the big corporations like Bell and my old company are depressive.  Nobody is happy working for them.  The old company used to do those surveys, but the results were so terrible they gave up.  Nevertheless, Bell has money to throw around, and they have focused on depression which I think is great thing.  Besides, Bell is putting fiber to the home in our neighbourhood, and that is great!  :)

I am being rather sexist in insisting that male depression is the bigger social problem, but these guys have to give equal time to both sexes, or else they will get a big march.  :)  I'm saying this because males are the gruff, manly men, and never seek help.  They drink to excess and then kill everybody.  Women just suffer in silence.

However, our only success in helping someone was with a female friend, who got the necessary help.  I never had any luck with male friends who could use a pill.  I only went for treatment after my sister tried to kill herself, and I saw the similarities.  This thing is highly hereditary, and you need to look at family history.

I've written a lot about this, but help is available.  Do the checklist, check the family history, and then go to your doctor.  You'll feel great and you'll repair your brain.

ps. as a campaign, they might as devote a lot of money to female depression, since the men are so hopeless.  :)

Gulf Stream Abandons Europe

All during the winter the Gulf Stream has been weird.  Normally (since maps have been available to me), a strong equatorial current shoves warm water up South America and causes the gs to bathe Europe in warm water.  This is then interpreted as global warming (gorming).  But that pattern has been disrupted many times this past year.

Now the gs is funnelling up to the Arctic, causing lots of clouds and warmer than usual temperatures (only -20 C).

The red arrow is all the heat.  This causes Spain to freeze and the wolves to come down for snacks.  :)

Meanwhile, in Canada, the failed North Pacific current allows California to get drenched, and we (Toronto) are having a warm, wet January.  I just hope the raspberries don't start sprouting.  That always kills them.

The warmists will just point out a warm Arctic.  They are philosophers who always pick out what supports them.  :)  Never argue with them.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump advisors, please define 'science'


The internet is all a twitter about a 'purge' of scientists.  This can happen through funding.  However, these whiners won't define 'science', so Mr. Trump will have to.  He can define 'science' and give his definition of 'politicized science'.

I have given my definitions:

Philosophy Science - the current practice in climate studies of just observing things and coming up with 'just so' stories.

Science - the strict application of the scientific method.

Our modern world started when the Reformation shattered Aristotle.  I've always been surprised that current scientists brought this back, but that happens when everybody is fed from the hand of politics.

ps. my comment in Forbes was 'called out', and I have no desire to see.  These people tend to regard 'science' as a universal truth that needs no definition.  :)