Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The 'mazing new Velometer

I've done it!  I have invented the 'mazing velometer.  The first ever to use a Raspberry Pi Zero W, to sum up two accelerometers, and produce velocities on the fly.

This is serious instrumentation for under $20.  Similar equipment costs thousands.  I'll make a zillion dollars!

Smart people will want to put these all over their buildings so that the next time there is an earthquake, they'll know right away whether it is safe.

What's this you say?  That my 'mazing invention will gather dust alongside the perpetual motion machine, and the car that runs on water?  That there are powerful interests who will squash this because they live on shake machines and peak acceleration?  That they love to party when there is an earthquake, putting red tags on buildings that don't need them, and green tags on those that do?  That there are no smart people in the earthquake biz?

Oh well, perhaps it is best that I retire, and just snipe on the sidelines.  There will soon be a big party in the US midwest without a speck of instrumentation, and lots of people want it that way.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Trumpy Oklahoma earthquake season really starts

An 'official' m4 that I'm calling an m5 because of severe directivity.  That is, the seismometers in the direction of the strike-slip pulse recorded it as a 5.  I'm always going with this higher number because that is what will count when there are big ones.  For example, an m6 can take down buildings that are in the pulse zone, whereas something much bigger is required to take down buildings out of the pulse.  A pulse is easily a factor of 2 or 4 with the PGV.

At this new rate, we should be getting an m5 once a week.  That means at least two to three m6's for the season.  An m7 might still take another season or two.  It will hilarious to see trumpy and wife coming to the scene of devastation and looking sympathetic.  He'll say "I'm the president, and you're not."  :)

ps.  I am expecting a big increase with the seismic energy rate due to the big Texas play.  Normally, just the NE gas frack waste has been coming in.  Although OK has been limiting injection volumes, they are merely pricing out the local sludge, and injecting more high-grade.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Freedom of Speech in Quebec


I just have to give this guy some support, since it is Canadian politics, and not trumpyism, which is what everybody, on the dog walk, talks about.

This is nothing new.  Every time some physicist says "There's no physics in global warming.", some gorey type wants him fired.  So, when this professor bites the nanny-state hand that feeds him at McGill, he has to resign.

I'm not going on and on about Quebec.  They can do any silly thing they want as long as they threaten the feds, to squeeze money out of them.  I'm just saying that there is an economic effect of political suppression.  Soon, bright people won't want to say anything, and then they just want to leave.  Even fed money can't stop the decline.  I know that if the nutters in Quebec actually read English, then I wouldn't say that I agree with this guy 100%.  It the same thing, that the warming nutters never read anything to do with physics, so I can rant all I want to.  :)